The Sourdough Framework Download 📘

Thank you very much for the support ❤️. Please click one of following links depending on your device to download The Sourdough Framework:

New 📘 updates will be published directly under each link. You can always purchase the book again for 0€ via my Ko-Fi page to be forwarded back to this page. Your donations are greatly appreciated and help me to to continuously provide additional book updates. Thank you! ❤ ️

If you are beginner baker and have some questions I highly recommend you to join our free community discord. It is a great place to meet other like minded bakers from the bread code community and ask your questions.


I found some unclear instructions

That's great. Please send me an email or contact me on discord. My email is Thank you.

I found a spelling mistake

First of all sorry. I would appreciate if you could submit the details via email or discord. If you have a tech background you can also fix it directly in the source code here:

Is there going to be a physical copy of the book?

Yes. Once I am finished and if there is interest I am happy to work on a physical version of the book as well. I have no idea though how that works. If you have knowledge on this topic please reach out.