Download the book 📘

Thank you very much for the support ❤️. Please click the following link to download the book to your device:

Feel free to bookmark this link and share it with your friends. New updates will continue to be published directly under that link.

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Why are not all the chapters finished?

So far most of the chapters have been finished. I dedicate as much time as possible to finish the remaining chapters as soon as possible. My goal is to finish everything in the first quarter of 2023. Your donations help me to focus more on this project next to my main job.

I found some unclear instructions

That's great. Please send me an email or contact me on discord. My email is Thank you.

I found a spelling mistake

First of all sorry. I would appreciate if you could submit the details via email or discord. If you have a tech background you can also fix it directly in the source code here:

Is there going to be a physical copy of the book?

Yes. Once I am finished and if there is interest I am happy to work on a physical version of the book as well. I have no idea though how that works. If you have knowledge on this topic please reach out.

How can I transfer this book to my kindle?

There seems to be an issue with the size of this book. The maximum file size is 50MB that you can transfer wirelessly to your kindle. If you use a cable to transfer the book it should work.