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I'm Hendrik and I have a mission to enable everyone around the world to bake delicious bread at home. I am obsessed with the "why" and science behind each recipe. The name TheBreadCode originates from me being a software engineer.

I am the author of the nerd baking book "The Sourdough Framework". While the digital version is completely free, there is also a hardcover version available.


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I am running TheBreadCode next to my regular job. If you want to support me on my dream to make my hobby a full time job, then please consider using some of my affiliate links to buy products, or check out some of my merch. You can also always buy me a pack of flour to support the cause. Thank you and may the gluten be strong with you.
- Hendrik

Have a question? Please note that the best way to ask a question, is to ask it directly on YouTube below one of the videos. You can also join the Discord server. It's free and it's a community with more than 2000 bakers that are happy to discuss and help you with custom questions.

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