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Don't miss those Sourdough Tools

Hendrik Kleinwächter

Aug 20, 2020

Don't miss those sourdough tools. They have all been tested by me in day to day use and work great.


Banneton proofing basket (25cm length, 15cm width, 8.5cm height): https://thbrco.io/banneton

Cooling rack: https://thbrco.io/cooling-rack

Dough scraper: https://thbrco.io/dough-scraper

Dutch oven for batards (Challenger Bread Pan): https://thbrco.io/dutch-oven-batards

Dutch oven round (Lodge): https://thbrco.io/dutch-oven-round

Dutch oven with glas lid (Brovn): https://thbrco.io/dutch-oven-glas-lid

Infrared thermometer: https://thbrco.io/infared-meter

Loaf pan (30cm length x 12cm width x 9cm height): https://thbrco.io/loaf-pan-regular

Loaf pan with lid (34cm length, 13cm width, 12cm height): https://thbrco.io/loaf-pan-lid

No stick spray (vegetable based): https://thbrco.io/non-stick-spray

pH meter to check acidity: https://thbrco.io/ph-meter

Weck starter jars: https://thbrco.io/weck-jars


If you want to support me also check out some of my custom designed bread baking T-Shirts: https://the-bread-code.myteespring.co/

Please note that some of the links are affiliate links and that I earn a commission whenever you buy a product. I would not recommend something that I have not personally tested. All the tools here work great.

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