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Debugging Your Sourdough Crumb

Hendrik Kleinwächter

Apr 14, 2022

The crumb of your sourdough bread reveals exactly how well you fermented your dough. By debugging your crumb you will learn about common mistakes you might have conducted.

For the book that I am currently writing I made a small infographic that shows different crumb errors.


You fermented perfectly on point.


Your dough hasn’t been fermented. The water evaporates during the bake and creates super pockets of air.


Your bacteria ate most of the gluten. The dough can’t hold its structure and stays flat. The longer you ferment the more flat the dough will become eventually. The best solution is to use a loaf pan.


Some parts of your crumb are very gummy. The water wasn’t able to evaporate

Too hot

The dough tried to expand but a crust formed too fast. The pockets converge into mega pockets.

Lack of steam

Same as too hot

The full details and description can be read in the mentioned book in chapter 11. It’s free of charge because I believe information like this should be freely accessible to everyone.

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